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Mozokhin Oleg Borisovich, Doctor of historical sciences, senior staff scientist, Institute of Russian History of the Russian Academy of Sciences (19 Dmitriya Ulyanova street, Moscow, Russia), E-mail: 

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Background. The relevance of the study is determined by the need for a comprehensive objective analysis and generalization of the experience of combat operations of the partisans of Karelia during the great Patriotic war. The publication aims to reflect the heroism of the partisans of Karelia who made a significant contribution to the victory over the Finnish invaders.
Materials and methods. Implementation of research tasks was achieved on the basis of the use of documents of the Archive of the President of the Russian Federation. Methodological potential includes: philosophical principles of dialectics, namely objectivity, scientific, comprehensiveness, unity of historical, logical and others. Their implementation helped to study documentary sources related to the history of the partisan movement in the Karelo-Finnish SSR.
Results. On the basis of the documents of the archive of the President of the Russian Federation for the first time introduced into scientific circulation, information on the number of partisan detachments operating on the territory of Karelia and their number is published. Tells of the heroism of the Soviet scout Anna Gambarova, which hitherto were not known.
Conclusions. After the beginning of the great Patriotic war, the Central Committee of the CP(b) of the Karelo-Finnish SSR began to organize partisan detachments. However, a major drawback in the field of leadership of guerrilla groups at this time, was the lack of communication and unified operational leadership of them. After the establishment of the Central headquarters of the guerrilla movement, these shortcomings were overcome. The necessary territorial concentration of partisan formations and coordination with state security agencies and army intelligence was achieved. Under a single command, the partisan forces successfully carried out the operation to liberate Karelia in close cooperation with the formations and units of the red army. 

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Karelian-Finnish SSR, partisans, war, VKP(b), NKVD, Central headquarters of the partisan movement, Finland 


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